How to center VMWare View Windows at startup of IGEL OS?

Hello, sorry it is only a optical problem, but i like change this for my users. We use IGEL with VMWare View. I cant find an Option in UMS to Center VMWare View Windows at startup of Igel OS. Is there an config option to center this window (or all Windows?)

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Do you only use Vmware? If you do, like we do, then I’d recommend using the VMware View Appliance Mode. It automatically full screens it and centers

Did you mean Kiosk-Mode?

Ok, found it…. Cool Idea

Hello Björn, If the Appliance mode isn‘t covering your need, I would try to script by using the wmctrl command.

It also elminates weird configs need for dual screens

appliance mode is good, but as @member said, not covering my exact needs. i looked for wmctrl command, very compley, looks like i have to calculate the center of screen. My Hope was that there is an option to center, and the window manager does the job, but no.

Short question did you have an example ?

Last time I used this Script (should still work):

Bash Script to Centre The Active Window for Ubuntu/Linux Mint

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