How to change a ‘default app’ in IGEL OS, for example: PDF Viewer

Hello, I’m looking to change the default PDF viewer in IGEL OS 11 from the Gnome document viewer to evince. Where in the UMS would I be able to set that?

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Hello, from where do you want the PDF? Webbrowser or Filesystem?

File system, we have a few exam PDF’s loaded locally on the clients that users can open without an internet connection

Are they static files?


Are you placing icons on the desktop to those files directly?

I made a custom application using thunar to put a Media folder on the desktop, where all the files are located

Ah, OK. Then the idea I had won’t work for that situation.

So, I tested this, and mine opens with evince by default

Mine opens with GNOME Document Previewer, which doesn’t have a contents list on the left or a search function

Guess I’ll try a firmware update to see if something changed in the last few months since I first set these up

This guy?

Ya that’s what I’d like to open PDF’s by default

Interesting, that’s what mine does by default. What firmware are you currently on?

11.03.500.01, currently downloading the latest release to see if that fixes it

Nope, my test client is now on 11.03.580 and it still opens PDF files with the document previewer

If you reset the device to factory defaults and bring it back in with no profiles applied does it open correctly?

Just tried a factory reset, now the PDF’s won’t open at all. If I open evince manually and try to load one, it gives a “cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory” error

Ok after another reset I found a way around this by publishing a custom app pointing to individual PDFs, and they open through evince no problem. Quite cumbersome to setup though, I think my original issue was with the thunar file browser, it was opening PDFs with the previewer instead of evince

Thunar on IGEL is very limited and doesn’t have a lot of plugins. So it may be missing the PDF setting. Let me see if there is anything I can find

Running the following command, xdg-open <pdf-file>

Will use the default application to open the pdf file.

There are two entries in `/usr/share/applications.mime/` directory

evince.desktop and evince.previewer.desktop

Awesome, that mime handler document is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

I checked my .desktop files and they are set correctly. However opening with Thunar still launches with GDP, but opening a PDF with Firefox opens it in evince

FYI: GDP and evince are the same prog.

evince -w <pdf file>

opens evince in preview mode.

Sample profile to remove evince-previewer from mime database.

Running the following command, xdg-open <pdf-file> or thunar

Will use the default application to open the pdf file.

There are two entries in /usr/share/applications/mimeapps.list

evince.desktop and evince-previewer.desktop

Here is the custom command to remove evince-previewer.desktop and update mime database

sed -i ‘s/evince-previewer.desktop;//g’ /usr/share/applications/mimeapps.list; update-mime-database /usr/share/mime

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