How to change Proxy settings on IGEL OS automatically?


I want to change proxy in home office or company network. We will do it system wide (not only chrome like that:

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I have seen that when I set the proxy via the profile gui, a corresponding proxy switch service runs.

How can I access this service via a script with parameters?

thank you

Hi Robert,

you can’t and shouldn’t interact with this services tvh. What are you wanting to integrate there? Why not using this: which is systemwide?

And how can i change this with a script? I have looked but it is not the normal variable http_proxy. Do you know how and where i can change it (not only 1 fixed value via the GUI).

Like I wrote, they are meant to be changed tbh. Could you please explain the workflow you are trying to fullfil, I’m not getting where the GUI is not covering your needs. The link above covers the system wide proxy.

Yes, but this is permantly or i’m thinking wrong? Our IGEL systems change from internal network (with proxy) to private network (no proxy). I want to write it as final network command to check is internal and set the systemwide proxy. if not then set no proxy.

My english is not so good so i hope you understand my usecase. sorry for that.

And the change is during the “work”, no shutdown or something. When i set it with profiles, the system chekd it without close brwoser and so on.

All good, no reason to be sorry. I’m fighting with headache today, I’m for sure not on 100% and even slower than usual 😞

Ok, got it now!! This thread should help:

🙂 Yes that ist what i wrote in the first post. That is only for chrome. i need it to set systemwide 🙂

I hope you get rid of the headache soon 🙂

Yep, sorry, hit enter too soon. You need to adapt the script to setparam the network.proxy.settings.proxy_type to 0 for direct access or 1 for your proxy setting. Here is a example of the commands:

Thank you. This is what I was looking for 🙂

So sorry for the waste of time, I hope this will help 🙂

I think 🙂 Now i can try it later with the new information.


os12 i will not change it 😄…something wrong from my site i think.

Are you setting the Proxy via Profile? Then maybe use setgroupvalue instead.

A dream 🙂

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