How to change the behavior of the Shutdown / Logoff / Reboot buttons on the Start Menu on IGEL OS?

Hello Guys!

I would like to change the behavior of the Shutdown / Logoff / Reboot buttons on the Start Menu.

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Is this possible?


Hi @member – you can create a custom application which can do everything you want the system to do via command line. Here is a kb-article to this topic:

Hi @member, thx for your reply. I created some custom applications for shutdown etc. Is there a possibility to replace the “normal” commands in the start menu with my custom created applications? So it would be easier for the user. THX

This options doesn’t cover your needs?:

I would like to add a custom command to this icons. For example the shutdown button should also log of the user from citrix storefront. is this possible? Or do I have to remove the icons and publish custom command on desktop? thx

I would go for the last option and publish custom apps to the desktop. Any other solution of customizing the commands behind those restart and shutdown icons must be a feature request. In this case you have to raise a technical support ticket with igel.

But I have another idea. Could be this option a possibility to cover this use-case? -> Setup > System > Firmware Customization > Custom Commands > Post Session

Hi @member our Problem is that a specific program does not close when the user logs off from Citrix XenApp and sessions will hang in disconnected state. So i have to “kill” the session with this custom shutdown / reboot or logoff commands in order to get sure that on a possible login after the logoff the program opens correctly… so a Post Session command is not possible because the session gets never logged off correctly… For now i have published the custom commands to the desktops and i removed the “normal” shutdown etc. commands from the start menu. THX for your help!!!!

Hi @member just two thoughts: the Citrix Logoff hang is something you could maybe fix in another way:

If that is what you are already doing: you could switch the EDT from UDP to TCP:

Hi @member, thx for your hints. The problem is, that a program that gets launched with Citrix is not closing clean. When i kill the process via Citrix Director the session closes. As workaround i created the custom commands and until now it works fine!

Hi @member, the shutdown button is triggering a script called user_shutdown.

It lives in the /sbin/ and it checks the parameters you defined under System > Power Options > Shutdown

If you’re a bit Linux savvy you could try to push in your own script…

Hi @member, thx a lot for this hint, I will have a look on this 😃

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