How to change the ctrl-alt-del background image of a Citrix session on IGEL OS?

Hello everyone! So I’ve been asked if I can make a minor change to the XenDesktop appliance mode login screen. Is it possible on the login screen with the ctrl alt del image, to have a background image instead of a background color? I appreciate any assistance you guys can offer on this! 🙂

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Hi @member, maybe this helps?

Hi @member, thank you for the link! Unfortunately I did look that over, I have the standard, smart card, and error message images customized. It’s the actual background behind that where I’d like to have a wallpaper image visible. The second part on that link pertained to the wallpaper style for the dialog pictures, which didn’t seem to pertain to what I’m looking for. The last part discussed a background color, which I do have customized, but rather than a color I’d like an image. Thank you again!

Well I just thumped myself on the head. When I first created those images I had assumed it was similar to our ThinOS devices in that the dimensions had to be exactly the same. 😅 I’m happy to see I can do a full wallpaper for the images instead!

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