How to change the IP address of an IGEL UMS?

Morning folks. We need to “re-ip” our UMS server as we need to move it to a new subnet. Do the TC’s use a DNS name to find UMS, or do they use an IP? After the IP address change, how will the clients find the UMS that manages them

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To register IGEL devices automatically they have to get an information where to find the management server. There are two possibilities:

• DNS entry `igelrmserver` (The _Type must be: Record Type A_)


• DHCP option (224)

The devices are already registered with UMS, this is not a new rollout.

if igel os devices get an ip address via dhcp from a zone where the 224 option is set they contact that ums server, if there is not a dhcp option 224 set, but a dns type a record exists (via configured dns) than they look for an ums server there.

if the via dhcp/dns configured ums has the same certificate as the old one (or the same one with new ip), than the devices connect to that ums server.

if it is a new server: if you have imported the devices from the old ums server or you configured the new ums server to auto-register new devices than the devices will connect to the new ums server.

Got it. Thank you for the explanation.

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