How to change wireless settings on a UD Pocket (IGEL OS 11)?

Hi guys…losing my mind. I’m trying to change my wireless settings on a UD Pocket (v11) but the wireless manager checkbox so I can enable it doesn’t exist?

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This checkbox should be under Network > LAN Interfaces > Wireless – can you take a screenshot of what’s in that menu?

should be there right?


:thinking_face: indeed! Is that device licensed?

no license expired. want to connect to my icg and get it a new one

i tried using os creator to put a new firmware on it but apparently that retains settings. Is there a way to just reset to factory on a UD Pocket?

No license may be the culprit – many session configurations are not available when the device is unlicensed and I’m wondering if its the same for the Wireless Manager. Easiest way to reset that device back to defaults would be to open the rescue shell with ctrl+alt+F11 and then entering ‘reset_to_defaults’

on boot I can use that combo?

right on the desktop, no need to reboot 🙂 that’ll switch from the GUI to a text terminal




now that its reset, i was able to get on the network using setup wizard, get license, and that checkbox appears

sometimes I don’t get igel OS and the way its designed…

ty for the help

You’re very welcome! Sessions can’t be set up without a license for obvious reasons, but it’s peculiar that the wireless manager is disabled too. I’ll see if we can look into that

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