How to clean all partitions on a bricked IGEL UD Pocket?

I have a customer trying to convert a PC into IGEL managed. They now have 5 “bricked” USB sticks after using PrepareStick. They don’t see the stick anymore in Windows 🙂 What’s your preferred tool to clean all partitions on a USB stick on Windows? For dumping ISO I always recommend Rufus.

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I always use gparted to clear out partitions. It can read anything I have thrown at it

And … on a Mac do the following with dd

Once you recover the drives. If your USB drives have issues with preparestick, I always recommend using Etcher and the included ISO to create an OSC boot stick. 🙂

We had issues as well and create a build process with Rufus and the ISO. As of fixing the USB sticks you can try Diskpart and possible reset the attributes so to clear read only settings.

1. PLug in USB drive.

2. Open DOS CMD windows and run “diskpart”.

3. run cmd “list disk” to show all disk

4. Find the Disk # of the USB make sure you are correct as you do not want to mess up your other drives.

5. Then you will need to select the USB disk with cmd “select disk Disk#”

6. The run the Attributes cmd to change the drive settings with cmd “attributues disk clear readonly”

This is what I have to do when I have to rebuild a USB build Key when was already an IGEL key so to re-imaged it again. Good luck.

A quick screen shot to make it more understandable if needed.

Rufus and the ISO should get you sorted. Always prefer it over preparestick.

Since Trond wants to clean partitions from a bricked USB stick, I still recommend GParted to remove partitions before using Rufus. Gparted even handles the weird partitions that XneServer 8.x puts down.

formatting with Rufus allows to clean the partitioning too

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