How to clean mismatch between the IGEL Unit ID and the MAC address

Today i’m encountering a strange issue: we have converted and old pc to OS11; in the past this machine must have been registered to UMS using and additional Network card with a different mac address, since the Unit ID and the mac address are not the same. Now we have problems assigning a license because of this mismatch. However even doing a couple of factory reset the situation didn’t changed, even if now i’m using the correct network adapter (onboard). Should i clean something that i’m missing on the UMS?

Hi, if there’s a mismatch between the Unit ID and the MAC, this can be fixed by doing the following:

→ create a Local Terminal session (look under Accessories)

→ run the command get_unit_id –r -f

→ restart the device

It would also be a good idea to reset this device to factory defaults to make sure you have got a clean device

(after having run this command)

It worked like a charm! I’ve also performed a factory reset to be sure, and everything seems to be ok now. Thanks!

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