How to collect logs of IGEL OS shadow session attempts?

Hi, anyone can help me collect logs of shadow session attempt? I have issue that Shadow option works only when I’m connected to corporate network over one method (Direct access) and it’s not working from local network or over VPN. Client is on Internet via ICG. Network team says nothing wrong on their side as firewall rules are exactly same.

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Hi, can you share your UMS / ICG / Igel OS Versions? Is the UMS Console (if started outside of the UMS Server) able to contact the ICG Server too?

UMS 6.05.100

ICG 2.02.100

iGel OS 11.03.580.01

All works fine when running console over one network connection, or when running it from UMS server. Need evidence to present to network team that it is not iGel issue, but something with network

On the endpoint, in a local terminal:

journalctl -f | grep vnc

that should give you a first insight.

Looking at that, it is probably something interfering with your websocket connection between ICG and the device.

Do you have any security appliance / load balancer that may be inspecting or modifying traffic?

it turns out that there is required communication between UMS console and ICG server


8443 must be open between UMS console and the ICG

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