How to configure a application to relaunch if it is closed on IGEL OS?

Hi Everyone, Hoping some one can help me out. I’m looking for a way launch a Citrix XenApp application if it ever gets closed. Right now I have auto launch on and that is working correctly. We run an application in a KIOSK type setup and every now and then a user will close the application. What i’m needing to happen, is if said application gets closed then it will auto re-launch.

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I assume that you also set Username/Password as a preset in your profile, right?

So, device boots up, login automatically and start the app also automatically right?

That is correct.

Then you could try to set a post session command that logs the device off (and automatically login again after that) after the application stops:

If this takes too long, give us feedback please. There is another way possible, I believe.

Since the session is not actually ending, just the application. Would there be a way just to re-launch the application?

Did you tried that Post Session command already? I just tried it with a calculator: started, ended, logged off and it worked since it was the last application opened.

Of course we could script something, but in that case I would recommend to try first the builtin feature, because it’s more reliable on the long term (I believe).

Thank you, this solved my problem.

You are welcome!!

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