How to configure a brand new (or factory reset) IGEL OS Thin Client to report to the UMS, as soons as it starts booting

Hello everybody. I would like a brand new (or factory reset) Igel Thin Client to report to the UMS, as soons as it starts booting. I got a (local) DNS record and I set the DHCP option 224 value “igel.fqdn.tld” . Its A record is a local ip-address , which can be reached through a site to site connection. The Igel thin client is present on Site A, the UMS server is present at Site B. After a factory reset it does not show in the UMS. However, if I scan the ip network on site A, the Thin Client is detected and a profile can be applied. My question is : Why does this brand new Thin Client not show up instantly in the UMS?

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Hello Ramon! Can you check if the TCP port 30001 TCP is reachable from endpoint to UMS?

Yes it is. I disabled the firewall until everything is done.

Then, did you activated the auto registration without mac adress Import? If not, please do so:

The IGEL UMS administrator allows configuration of the UMS server to automatically register all thin clients without certificate that boot within the server’s network:

Activate Enable automatic registration under UMS Administration > Global Configuration > TC Network Settings > Automatic Registration, in order to register new thin clients.

Hmmm.. Ok, Where have I been dreaming? Please hold.

the 224 option should be named igelrmserver

I got the DNS and DHCP setting set. it is just this ‘Activate Enable automatic registration’ , which I need to find..

In your UMS Console > UMS Administration > Global Configuration > TC Network Settings > Automatic Registration > Enable automatic registration without mac adress import

Dont forget to reboot the client after that 😁

I am sorry.. I cannot find ‘Global Configuration’..

I only see something like ‘Setting’ , which only shows the tab ‘Ports’..

Did I forget an option at the installation program?

Damned. Video is too old, I wll delete the post. Hold on

Do not worry.. I’ll hold.

(I am surprised of the response so quickly)

I have not got any of these options present..

I’m speaking about your UMS Console, There you should see UMS Administration at the bottom of your left hand screen

If not, are you using the UMS Console User that you defined during the installation process (Main Administrator Account) or a light one (which may not be able to see them)

Ok, I will try to start it with ‘administrator priviliges’.

I meant, the user that you defined during and in the UMS Installation wizard, not Windows Privileges😅

Can you forward us a screenshot of your screen, where I expect the Options?

Grrr.. -some strong words are being spoken at this moment- .. The screen of console was not Maximized.. which in turn did not show ‘UMS Administration’ option…

I do now see the UMS Administration option

The screen of the Console was set large then the screen resolution.. So the bottom left was far more down the screen .. in which could be shown..

Ok, once again.. Thank you all for your time.

it is working.. Happy days.

Great! Happy to help!

you know what.. This is the fifth time I factory reset the thin client and let the thin client add it self.. again.. Just enjoying a happy moment

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