How to configure a IGEL UMS profile based on region?

I have set to hide browser tab and url. Now i need to uncheck this settings for a country to view url and tabs, how to acheive this through new profile as i cannot see menus & toolbars under browser session instead i can see it under browser global?

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configuration path:

Browser->Browser sessions–>Desktop–> Menus & Toolbars–> checked all options to disable tabs and url

Just create a new profile set this settings under Global, and assign the profile to the device directly, that will overwrite the settings made on a upper level. Just in case: which firmware are you using? I would also just check that the firmware fits in the endpoint firmware.

@member endpoint in 10.05.800.01 firmware version, did firmware version play a role in applying new settings to override? also existing regional profile settings was renamed from Firefox Browser to Browser, Browser Global and Browser session, can you help me to rename new profile name as well? i believe settings name shud be same to overwrite,isnt?

No, firmware Version wouldn’t play a role, but would help to match actual settings even more.

Settings inside the profile you mean? If they are reffered to the same setting in registry they would overwrite it.

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