How to configure a post session command to log off IGEL profile?

Hi all – I have RDS/RDP and I have Citrix profiles enabled but I want to have a post session command to log off from either one, but I can only choose one. Any ideas if this is possible?

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Hi all, thanks go to @member:

If you want to do a Citrix and RDP session shutdown you could do:

Custom Commands > Base > Initialization:

/config/bin/autologoff-bin /sbin/soft_shutdown wfica rdplogin igelrdp2 igelrdp &

Thanks for that – do I literally paste that text into the field?

Yes, exactly and then reboot.

This works great thanks Sebastien! (I just changed soft_shutdown to soft_reboot)

Great! Happy to help!!

Sorry back again – this doesn’t always work. I’ve got it set on a profile that’s applied to a couple of IGELs, one is fine, but another (in a different location so I’m shadowing it – that’s only difference) it doesn’t work for either RDP or Citrix. When disconnecting it just stays on the IGEL desktop without rebooting. Same model/firmware (latest v10.06.130.01)

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