How to configure all IGEL OS clients to be on their own VLAN?

Good Morning! I tried searching but couldn’t find my answer. I have a Unifi Network that has a Site-to-Site VPN to Azure. I would like to get all of my IGEL clients to be on their own VLAN. I tried configuring the profile in the IGEL console to force the VLAN’s gateway, but that still didn’t work. Are there any particular DHCP options that need to be set in the console so that the clients automatically go to the designated VLAN?

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Thank you!

so all IGEL’s on one VLAN or each IGEL on it’s own VLAN? I am assuming the first, but I don’t like to assume.

Yes, all IGEL’s on one VLAN. I currently have VOIP on its own VLAN, but those devices use specific DHCP options.

Maybe set a default gateway in a profile? Network –> Routing

You know, I didn’t even look at that option. I set it in the Network–>LAN interfaces section which didn’t work. I can try routing.

I would assume that if these are port-channel (is that the right term still?) switch interfaces, then maybe there’s a way to tag traffic from an IGEL device? I’m not sure if this is possible, just throwing some thoughts out there

I was looking to tag IGEL traffic, but couldn’t find any articles or help with it. The last thing I saw was that it’s not possible, but that was an old article.

can you do it on the Unifi side somehow? I use unifi at home and know there is a way to direct clients to specific network, but the process is somewhat manual.

Yes, the manual way is to configure each port (If it’s hardwired) on the switch to that VLAN only. It’s doable, but not when I have IGEL’s on different switches.

I could try using DHCP option 132, which is VLAN tagging on VOIP phones. I would have to do it as a custom option since it’s not in the standard options.

I thought it could be done at the client level on Unifi. I mean it is still manual, but wouldn’t need to be done on each switch.

Just looked and it appears that would also require doing a static IP (if doing at the client level).

well, hopefully, the option @member mentioned will work out

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