How to configure an audio device to auto connect when plugging in to an IGEL OS device?

Hi everyone, I have a problem setting the audio device. I want the IGEL client to automatically take the headset when plugged in. I configured it under Accessories -> Sound Preferences -> Options as shown on the screenshot. The problem is that switching to the headset doesn’t work automatically. It only works when I open the local setup and apply the policy there. Is this a known problem? Thanks in advance.

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Hi, no, works here, tested a few hours ago. Which UMS / Igel OS versions are you using?

We have this problem, too, at least for the Audio input. De do not use the device name as we have different headsets from different vendors (Jabra, Sennheiser, Plantronics). I saw this first in 11.04.200, but I think it was introduces with the new audio mixer dialog in 11.04. For us the mircofone of our Logitech C930e webcam is selected in most cases – I think because it normally is connected to the USB 3.0 connector and the headset to USB 2.0 (both on the backside of UD3 LX50). In older OS 11 versions (ie. 11.03.586.der we could solve this by setting ‘multimedia.pulseaudio.daemon.load-module-switch-on-connect in the registry to false. This does not work anymore now.

Interesting behavior indeed!

@member which devices (Audio and Endpoints) are you using?

UMS: 6.06.100

IGEL OS: 11.04.240

Endpoint: UD3-LX 60 (M350C)

Headset: cmp net USB-Adapter QD auf USB + cmp net 2010D Duo Flex-Boom NC Headset

A small addition for our enviroment: On the input tab of the mixer in 11.04.240 it only says analog Mono, while on 11.03.586 it also said headset behind the device name. On the Output the headset is recognized as such and it says headset behind the name.

Thanks guys, I will check on my side but I would also highly suggest to open a ticket to get the things sorted. Would you mind to do so?

I am already planning on doing just that as we got the registry setting from Igel Support for the firmware. Thanks for your help

No problem, Sebastien. I’ll open a ticket. Thank you for your help.

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