How to configure an automatic Citrix Logoff

Hi there,

I’m trying to log off a users workspace session after the user logs off from windows.

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So far I was using `sessions.xlock0.options.countdown_condition_cmd` with parameter `pgrep wfica` and `sessions.xlock0.options.countdown_done_cmd` with parameter `-logoff` .

This works most of the time, but I need a 100% working configuration 😄

So my idea was to terminate the Citrix Workspace with `sessions.xlock0.options.countdown_down_cmd` instead of “just” the session.

Does anyone know how that process is called? or what I should type as parameter?

KR and thx in advance ^^

We do this.

why trying to do it overcomplicated when it can be that easy 😄

thx Barry!

The countdown timer registry keys are more of an inactivity timeout. The one above is what happens when a session ends, so different options there 🙂

for teh countdown_done_cmd, I would recomend calling


instead of calling wfica -logoff directly.

This will gracefully disconnect the session 🙂

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