How to configure Appliance Mode for VMware Horizon client on IGEL OS?

Hello, I am looking to do some kind of kiosk with only the client “Horizon View” at the start of the IGEL system. Do you know if this is possible?

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This can be configured from Sessions -> Appliance Mode : VMware Horizon

Thanks yes, the box is already checked, but I do not see what it changes?

It should put the client into a kiosk mode with only the vmware connection available. If this isn’t happening, the best thing to do would be to raise a support ticket at and we can assist you with getting this working

@member you say the box is checked but did you also provide the server url etc?

Thanks for your anwser, yes, box checked and server etc.

Hi Jonathan, That configuration is correct for a standard horizon session, if you configure as in the picture, under appliance mode this should produce the result you are looking for.

Thanks, it’s works

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