How to configure autologin to Citrix Storefront on XenDesktop 7.13 on IGEL OS?

Greetings, igel rookie here. Can anyone point me to instructions to autologin to Storefront on XenDesktop 7.13, from the thin client? I set it up for Appliance Mode and specified my Storefront url, etc. However I am still presented with a Storefront logon screen upon ctrl-alt-del. Thanks in advance.

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Great to have you here! Is there any specific reason why you are using the appliance mode? I would disable it if not mandatory, go to Sessions=>Citrix=>Citrix Storefront and configure your session there. The Appliance connection mode is more or less a Browser session anf brings some limitations (and benefits of course).

Don‘t forget to upload your ca ssl certificates for your storefront/citrix:

Thank you for the information. I was attempting to use appliance mode thinking that would provide the auto-login functionality I am seeking. But I also noticed the Citrix configuration section you mentioned in the administration tool. I have also heard about the need for certificates, but was not sure if it applied to my case. Can you describe why certs are needed for the thin client to autologin to Citrix Storefront, if the credentials for Storefront are supplied in the Igel profile? Thank you.

By default, Citrix Receiver for Linux only trusts a few root CA certificates, which causes connections to many Citrix servers to fail with an SSL error. In your case it means that it isn‘t related to Igel but more to the Receiver for Linux

Understood, thank you.

I’ve got this running in various configurations, so if you’re still stuck, I’m happy to assist.

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