How to configure “autologon” on one client (Horizon View) on IGEL OS?

Hello guys, i try to make an “autologon” on one client (Horizon View) but don’t works.

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Hello Jonathan. Can you describe what you want to achieve:

1) Active Directory login first, then a Passthrough Authentification


2) Local View Client, autostart and autologon with preseted Login informations


3) 2) and an Application or Desktop Autostart?


Hello @member

I need that when the machine starts (igel OS) the horizon client automatically connects with an Active Directory user to a Horizon View Pool

Ok! Got it! I guess you already checked that the Server/Login Informations/etc work in general from the Igel Endpoint right?

If yes: it should be sufficient to check this Boxes (where the mouse cursor points to), apply and reboot (needed for the autostart).

@member Thanks its works (i think), just i get another problem with certificate ssl… 😞 I have add my certificat in file and applied to my client but don’t works

Ok, can you edit the certificate with a Notepad and check if it corresponds to Base64 Format? Should start with a:

—Begin Certificate

@member SOrry for my late answer, it’s works ! Thank you so much.

De rien, content que tout fonctionne comme il faut!

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