How to configure different icons on the desktop depending on who logs into the device?

I’m pretty sure the answer to this is no but I thought I’d see if anyone has a possible workaround, is there a way to have different icons on the desktop depending on who logs into the device? for example based on membership of an AD group

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Hi Simon, yes, it‘s called Shared Workplace and it‘s part of the EMP (Enterprise Management Pack) subscription:

Excellent I wasn’t aware of this. I have enabled it on a profile, applied the appropriate license and assigned profiles to user groups on AD but when I try to log on I get the message Error in UMS user authentication then it changes to Invalid Login. The login works without using Shared Workplace. What have I missed?

Did you setup a AD Login in UMS?

Yes thats all set up. The profile allowed the user to log in with their AD credentials, it only doesn’t work if I tick the Activate IGERL shared workplace box. There must be something else I need to set.

Can you remove the AD Login Profile and just let the SWP Profile assigned?

I have done, I get the same result.

Which UMS / Igel OS Version are you using?

UMS – 6.04.100 OS – 11.02.150

Thanks! Did you assigned a profile to the user you are trying to login? Like a Session?

I assigned a profile to a group that the user is a member of

Can it only be done at a use level?


Can you try to assign directly? I just tested in my lab and I got the same behavior like you when assigning on group or no profile assigned:

I have tried assigning directly to users, these dont appear in the Assignments window and I am still getting the same result.

Can‘t test with 11.02 atm. Can you try it maybe with 11.03?

I was unable to use 11.3 as it had an issue with Firefox which I need for one of the profiles. Dont know if that has been resolved in 11.03.110

Just to be sure: the device you are testing on has a valid Enterprise Management Pack subscription?

Resolved this issue, the 1st DC in the list of DCs on the UMS server had been decommissioned since the UMS server had been setup. I removed all the DCs in the list and manually re-added the current ones and Shared Workplace now works.


Simon where in the UMS did you have DC’s that were retired.

I guess Simon meant UMS Administration, Active Directory / Ldap section.

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