How to configure dual monitors while connecting a laptop to a USB C docking station on IGEL OS?

Does anyone have any suggestions on setting up Dual monitors while connecting a laptop to a USB C docking station? Essentially I want to have an application on the desktop that the end user can click to disabled their laptop screen, then move the display to the external monitors connected to the dock. I’ve experimented with limited success, and most of my configurations don’t seem to “stick”, or don’t work with every model laptop we use.

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which fimrware are you using? , can you forward a screenshot of your Display Switcher Profile? Are all three features set under:

Smart Display configuration

Preserve Settings over Reboot

Configure new displays when connected is my most recent profile. I’ll try to get you some screen shots shortly. Essentially what is happening is the displays will only order themselves one way. If I try to change the order of the screens, I end up with two mirrored displays, instead of two separate screens.

Please try the .112 Version I will PM you and the settings sent above. Beside that, please, reset the device to factory defaults after update.

On the device I was going to test this with, I’m having a licensing issue. I’ve removed the Unit ID from the licensing pack, and then tried to license manually using a pack with available licenses, but the license never gets assigned to the device. Comparing the Unit ID and MAC across other working devices, those numbers should be the same, yet on this particular device, they are not. Is there a doc you can point me to that can walk me through fixing this?

“`get_unit_id -i -f“`

Running this as “root” doesn’t return anything.

It won’t return anything. Just run it, reboot and see if it will license. It resets the Unit ID to match the physical NIC MAC address. Which should allow the device to license correctly.

Awesome, this did it. Thanks!

So I have finally got a profile based on the 11.05.100 firmware that works as intended regarding dual monitors. The only issue I have left is that the configuration isn’t hot pluggable/unpluggable. If the laptop is undocked, then redocked, the external monitors are no longer recognized. Is this expected, or is there a configuration I don’t have setup properly.

It may or may not be expected behavior. USB-C docks are not officially supported, and they are best effort. You my have better luck setting it up with DisplaySwitch

Just make sure you have all these set

I do, and I had a suspicion it wasn’t supported. Thanks for confirming!

You can also watch the “How To Configure Displays in IGEL OS video” here

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