How to configure Fabulatech USB/Webcam Redirection for the WVD session on IGEL OS?

Hi all, I am fairly new to IGEL, hope someone will be able to share some insight.

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UMS console 6.06.110

I have been able to setup WVD and a attempting to enable Users to utilize audio and camera functions when running Microsoft Teams.

I am looking for settings to configure Fabulatech USB/Webcam Redirection for the WVD sessions as I have seen is the only option available.

However I can’t seem to find many guides on how to actually configure this and I cannot seem to find the setting for it either. Sessions>WVD>WVD Global>Plugins>Fabulatech

Any Assistance would be greatly Appreciated.

Hi Mathew, I’m suspecting, you are missing the UMS Update to 6.07.100 to be able yo use that feature:

Here is a nice note from @member

IGEL Releases 11.05.100 – check out the new features here! #WVD part 2

@member Thank you very much, that helped resolve the issue. I downloaded the latest version of the UMS and the settings were visible.

Would you have any knowledge on how to pass through USB Headsets? e.g. which class rules would I need to enable for a USB Headset, currently audio is coming out of the UD3 inbuilt speakers only.

So far, I have been able to configure USB Redirection (for USB devices) and Webcam Redirection. But cannot seem to figure out USB Headsets.

Any pointers or recommendations would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in Advance!

Glad that it helped!

Yes, I do (at least I believe so😅). I wouldn‘t redirect them at all, the USB Redirection would cause the Sound Quality go bad. The USB redirection doesn‘t hold any kind of priorization which makes it inappropriate for Sound in general (exceptions are voice recording software).

If you want to switch source / output, you could change it locally in Taskbar with the 📢 symbol a.e.

Please check out

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