How to configure HDX over UDP feature on our IGEL?

Hello, I like to use the HDX over UDP feature on our IGEL. I activate the function in UMS. But it does not work. There is still single Port ICA in use. I do a second test with a Raspbian and the CWAL and here it is working. Both use the Citrix LTSR 1912.

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Any Idea?

Hello Konrad, are you using the same CWA versions on both? Does it work if you reset your IGEL to factory defaults and on only start a Browser Session to access your environment?

Dear Sebastian, yes both are the Same cwa. I will try by doing a factory reset. Thank you for answer. Cheers Konrad

Dear Sebastien, I reset to factory default, but it is the same issue. In IGEL I try by using new 2103 and 2012 before, on Raspberry it is promptly working, regardless of which CWAL version. Any Idea?

Dear Konrad! Would you mind sending a screenshot of your settings under:

Thank you! Are you using Citrix Gateway?

Hi Sebastien, I change the arrow mark parameter as well, but it is still the same. I think it might be about the hdx extension? Because the multistream itself seem to work, by having a view on a pcap trace yesterday. Still the Raspberry with 20.12 and 21.03 CWAL from Citrix Website is working out of the box. Cheers Konrad

Hi Konrad! Just in case, are you using Citrix Access Gateway?

Hi Sebastien, no not in that case.

Ok, then you could check the Logs maybe:

To activate Citrix logging only one parameter is necessary:


Starting with CWA 2009 Citrix uses the logging daemon ctxlogd, which can be set via the parameters ica.logging.setlog.

The new daemon displays information in the journal,

Nov 02 09:27:39 WYSE1 citrix-ctxlogd [11809]: Session starting for pid 11938.

Nov 02 09:27:39 WYSE1 citrix-ctxlogd[11809]: Session closing for pid 11938.

Nov 02 09:27:39 WYSE1 citrix-ctxlogd[11809]: Session starting for pid 11938.

Nov 02 09:27:39 WYSE1 citrix-ctxlogd[11809]: Process 11938 has named itself “citrix-storebrowse”.

But also creates a logfile (default: /var/log/ICAClient.log).

By default all log levels get the value Error from level all (ica.loggig.setlog.level.all). But it will be necessary to adjust the log levels individually to get the necessary information.

I can not recommend to set the parameter All to verbose, because within one minute 200k log are written.

For more information you can have a look at the program /services/ica/ICAClient/util/setlog and the Citrix documentation

Dear Sebastien, I understand there is only one parameter necessary. ICA.logging.debug. But, I so not know where to set this parameter. ;-)? Thanks for any hint. BR Konrad

Dear Konrad, sorry, should be in a profile:


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