How to configure IGEL Buddy Update?

Hello, i wanted to test the IGEL buddy update configuration and had to ask the following: For the buddy update to work we only need to enable the option under System>Update>Buddy Update correct? I put a username and password and set the max concurrent logins to 10. So now if i give this Option to a client it will become a buddy server correct?

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Hello Ian, yes, exactly. After the profile, and only then, you should update the Buddy Master. After that the device will hold the updates for the buddy slaves.

Hi Sebastien, if i understand your linked article correctly the clients that aren’t the buddy clients have the username and password with the ftp protocoll in the firmware update configuration?

Also is the statement in the picture true for normal firmware updates? We have a profile that basically tells clients to check for updates on shutdown, which is just the “check for updates on shutdown” option. Should we rather use the “check updates on boot”?

And the option

Automatic Buddy Detection

This link for Buddy Update fits better, sorry:

So is the configuration correct like in the two screenshots? Also, can the Buddy update Server still be used like a normal client? Or should it rather be left alone, so users dont accidentally shut it down?

1) Buddymaster

2) Slave

right? Then yes.

The client still can be used during being Buddymaster but I would limit the number max conc. logins to 4 since the Download process can be quite demanding.

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