How to configure IGEL OS to reboot after user logs off Horizon View session?

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are well and hanging in there. Have a question for the community. I am configuring a Horizon View profile for a client and like the Igel to reboot after the user logs off of the desktop session they are connecting to. I have added a firmware customization-custom command-post session-session type VMware Horizon and post session command reboot (without dialog). However, no reboot of the Igel. Anyone have suggestions as to what I may be missing? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jared, we had a couple of issues on Post Session commands during a short amount of time/versions. Would you be able to check 11.05.100 Firmware?

@member hey! yup, running

Let me test because guess what….my profile was set to 11.3. Testing

No dice….even after updating the profile to 11.05.100 the IGEL will not reboot after I reboot me session desktop. I actually want it to restart after I even log off of my session desktop

Hi ! Could you send me a screenshot of your post session command?

There you go….let me know what you think

That’s interesting… I just tried it in my lab, and it worked like a charm. Do you have a chance to reset the device to factory defaults and only try the Post Session Profile and the VMWare Horizon Session?


so, that is not where I am logging off from

I am doing it from Windows

I want the user to log off from Windows and the IGEL reboot

ahhhhhh I see what you are talking about now

thoughts on what I am looking for?

You mean, like these? This one worked too (if I got you right… @member)

Are you using domain authentication for the IGEL with pass-through to the Horizon client by chance @member?

Also, can you try enabling the IGEL Registry key below?


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