How to configure IGEL OS to support a Nessus SSH scan?

Dear community,

We are trying to scan our IGEL OS with Tenable Nessus to see if all Linux patches are installed and the client has no other vulnerabilities.

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We successfully configured the ruser to connect to SSH but after Nessus scanner connects we get the following error:

“Remote host was not identified as a known device or operating system and the execution of “uname -a” failed.”

We already tried to allow the application uname, /bin/sh, and /bin/bash but that does not solve the issue.

How can we successfully configure the client via the UMS to support a Nessus SSH scan?

Thanks in advance!

Dear Richard, if you login by hand, can you issue uname -a?

I would suspect that you would need a user with more rights.

@member I would check with the vendor to make sure they have support for IGEL. Have the vendor contact IGEL Ready program to join.

Since IGEL OS locked down / secured, many of the assumptions they may have with other Linux OS may not work.

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Try it with the root user and see if it works. ruser is a special account with limited permissions, and you may be running into issues with that

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