How to configure mouse DPI settings in IGEL OS?

Hey everyone, am i the only one who is struggling with mouse settings in igel os?

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Mouse Speed is currently depending on the mouse itself, cause a Lenovo mouse with a high dpi from factory cant be slowed down properly. Setting the mouse speed in IGEL OS to 1% is somewhat useable.

Mouse Settings in Windows doesn’t affect the Mouse Speed. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey Henry,

never had to play with it, but you could try to play with the resolution piece:

Tried the resolution piece which was set at default. Definitely not the solution.

I’m using OS with vmware.

The mouse Lenovo MOJUUUO has a dpi of 1600.

Before we had a Logitech B100 mouse which has a dpi of 800.

Setting the mouse speed to 1% does change the speed a little bit, but the default setting of 50% was too fast.

Interesting…I just tried this as well.

I just cracked open a brand new Lenovo mouse (FRU P/N “00PH133”) that comes with Lenovo M75qG2 unit, and it’s also moving much too fast with default settings (50% speed) on 11.08.236.

Hmm….this is no good. It’s not very controllable. Moving very fast (<1sec) the mouse cursor moves the width of 1920 pixels (1080p display) in just a distance of just 14mm,

If I move the mouse much more slowly, about 20 seconds to traverse the width of the screen, it takes 30mm to move the cursor across the same screen width.

So mouse acceleration must be at play as well.

As you said, even at 1%, it doesn’t decrease the speed as I would expect. It is still really fast.

And I tried changing the “Mouse Resolution” to various values: 0, 200, 400, 600, 1000. I didn’t observe any changes, albeit I didn’t reboot between changing the values…just hitting apply.

Well, time to start digging. I’m definitely didn’t see this in my testing with other mice.

Just investigating some more. Unless there is some other method, it might require some “xinput” commands to slow the mouse down:

1. Good description of acceleration setting – but note that current IGEL version use values 296, 297, 298 instead of 263, 264, 265 for “`Device Accel(eration)`”:

2. Good description of acceleration profile – but note that current IGEL version uses value 295 instead of 259:

3. In brief testing of my Lenovo “00PH133” mouse, this setting slowed it down significantly to make it more controllable:

`xinput -set-prop 14 296 3`

• 14 = my mouse id, you’ll have to find yours

• 296 = “Device Accel Constant Deceleration”

• 3 = value (default is 1.000000)

For my own needs, I’ll need to look at this further later, and a better way to set it up. Using the device id is good for testing, but is not predicable for real use. I’d like to use the device name, however both my older mouse and the new one with much faster speed share the “PixArt Lenovo USB Optical Mouse” name – so I’ll need to find some other way of only applying to the new/faster mouse. 😞

Oh…and the old and new/fast mouse: it’s not entirely clear, but it seems the likely are both the same DPI, so not sure why the new one is moving so much faster. It seems the acceleration on the new mouse is much higher.

Unless there are some other findings, I’ll likely be looking at a “udev rule” to accommodate for the specific mouse in question as identified by “lsusb” command:

`ID 17ef:6019 Lenovo M-U0025-0 Mouse`

Example udev:

I did some more testing with my mouse – after playing with the IGEL Setup “Pointer Speed” slider some more – it seems that it’s working well enough to make the mouse sufficiently controllable. As such I won’t be needing to play with udev rules for this one.

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