How to configure our IGEL OS 10.x to use the Workspace One Mode with the Horizon Client?

Hi – we try to configure our Igel with Igel OS 10.x to use the Workspace One Mode with the Horizon Client. Somehow we can’t get it to work. Any ideas? Is this supported anyway?

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Hi Jens, usually the Horizon Settings are made through profiles, I don‘t believe the workspace one mode is supported but let me ask: what would this mode do if enabled?

It will open a webbrowser on the igel where you need to authenticate in order to start the horizon session. So basically – no Horizon client authentication but rather a redirect to a website to do this. Currently the webbrowser opens – but does not display anything. Looks like the browser is containerized and is not allowed to receive infos from horizon client or so…..

Would it work then if you open a Browser session like Firefox or Chromium on Igel OS locally ? There we could check if Apparmor or mimetypes are blocking the execution rather than the Horizon Client.

No – If I open the WS1 Web Portal in the Browser, I can login pretty fine, but if I start a Horizon Session from within the WS1 Catalog, it won’t start the local Horizon Client. So Problem exists both way round. Looks like Horizon Client <–> Browser are not allowed to talk with each other

Not sure if it would help but you could try to disable the Apparmor profiles (just for testing)

System, Registry,

Reboot and retry.

ok – thx – will try and report back

Firefox is basically allowed to open Horizon client. It has a vmware-view:// protocol handler that should open the client.

Not sure if the Workspace One is relying on this protocol.

But it’s also another question if the Workspace One webpage is allowing Firefox on Linux and from which version. Currently the newest Browser you can have is 68.12.0 esr.

ok – that is interesting because this vmware-view:// protocol handler does not work for us. I can see the complete vmware-view:// string in the browser, but the horizon client does not open… will check the browser version next….

What is you OS version besides OS10

latest 10 version – 10.06.190

OK. Using 10.06.190 now (looks browser version is a 68.9.0) , I tested vmware-testdrive with WorkspaceOne login:

I had to enable the native client in the settings and after that it used it to open.

But I must admit I’m not sure how diverse Workspace one logins can be, so your milage may vary.

thanks – will use a fresh thinclient and try it once more again – probably some old legacy settings that perhibit it or so

Ok – this did not work. We disabled appamor. but still no success. I think this is more Browser / Firefox related. the vmware-view application is not registered in firefox at all. Normally I would expect a popup that asks me if i would ike to open it with horizon. But this popup never shows.

any ideas?

probably a setting somewhere that disables this feature in firefox or so?

I pretty sure your Firmware 10.06.190 can do it as I have this version running here and it can do the vmware-view proto from the browser URL input form 68.9.0esr.

But sometimes old firefox profiles when updated with different versions can lose settings like protocol or file type handlers because internal data structures change and then IGEL-OS is unable set the handlers.

In that case it’s needed to reset the browser profile.

Normally this is only done when you do a general reset to defaults. But you can do a browser profile reset also from a shell or a custom command. From a root shell do

_`rm -rf /userhome/.mozilla/firefox/browser0-9; /config/bin/browser_config`*_

thx – will give it a try

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