How to configure the Buddy server for differnt firmwares?

Hi folks,

We are looking at moving towards using buddy server to update the various endpoints we have across our organization. At the moment we have about 5500 endpoints, with 1000+ being in 24/7 locations. With that said we are trying to find a way to systematically roll the upgrade out so that we can upgrade as many as possible without overwhelming our UMS server.

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My question is, in the Registry settings, under update.ftp.buddy_group_id, I was wondering what “group_id” was and how it functioned with the buddy servers. I couldn’t seem to find any info on or within this great community 🙂


it’s for when you’re hosting multiple firmware versions in your environment simultaneously:…]forDifferentFirmwareVersions

Ah thanks! Don’t know how I managed to miss that 🙂 Cheers

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