How to configure the Citrix Gateway on IGEL OS?

Can someone explain to me how I can configure the Citrix Gateway. So that users login from intern and extern using the same desktop icon. I cant find a option for this in the settings.

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I found way to do that in the 10.x OS, but it shows a pop up saying ‘connection failed’, because you have to add 2 different url, one from inside and other from outside. So when it is inside, it connects fine, but when you are outside it goes first to the inside url and the to the outside and connects, but the error is shown.

Yes this is the same I experienced. But usually you give the Citrix Receiver one Store and in it is the Storefront URL and the Gateway URL. It should decide depending on the reach ability of his Beacons if it uses storefront or gateway. And I see no setting to configure this behavior inn OS10 or OS11

Yes, because of that I just found that way

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