How to configure the default behaviour of closing a laptop on IGEL OS?

hi all – is there a way to configure the default behaviour of closing a laptop? e.g. “do nothing”

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ok I have found something… but it does not work 😞 sessions.user_display0.options.lid_events

hey @member take a look at this, might be of some assistance.

Laptop Lid Closing Logoff Citrix Storefront

but I would like to disable the laptop lid closing event 🙂

Not in the office atm, but this article may help:

What about that one:

aha – you want that the device is NOT reacting on the event – perhaps the reg-key is active so you can deactivate it?

thx a lot for your help 🙂 @member the Regkeys are not active

well… I have deactivated the “lid function” but the laptop goes into standby

by pressing a button at the keyboard or move the mouse the laptops becomes awake and the displays are working… so it looks like the lid option switch in IGEL OS is not working?

Did you check the BIOS of the device is wakeup by keyboard and mouse could be deactivated there?

@member I am looking for an option like this

yep got you – AFAIK that is normally the case if you do nothing 🙂 So strange

Since they’re running systemd, changing the logind settings in /etc/systemd/logind.conf might work (set the ‘handlelidswitch’ options to ‘ignore’).

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