How to configure the default SAPGUI configuration on IGEL OS 11?

Hi Together, another IGEL OS11 SAPGUI for Java Problem. I want to set a default GUI configuration file for the Clients over UMS. How can i publish a Configuration file to the SAP GUI and what does this file look like ( After a reboot the client configuration is gone ) ? Anyone got some Experience with this Problem?

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Hi Heiko, our system is mostly write protected / non persistent. you have to deploy it together with your CP inside the tar.bz2.

Yeah but my Problem is idk what this file have to look like, and how can i set it by default to the client

who built your CP?

its the default SAP GUI 7.4 at the Community downloads

I can’t help you on the SAP GUI configuration file, there you might have to ask your SAP admin but as soon as you have the config file I could help you integrating it into the CP.

Yeah maybe i will go first to SAP Support, cause i doesnt find anything about it 😕

Just be aware (and I might be wrong) that the SAP GUI for linux might be out of support on their side. I heard something like this a couple of years ago.

oke thanks..

maybe you can help me with another issue, is it possible to set default app for .PDF files ?

like in windows ?

This article might help.

works.. thanks

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