How to configure the middle mouse button throguh a Citrix session on IGEL OS?

Hey there, I’m not quiet sure, if this is the right place for this question. We use Citrix with IGEL (UD2-LX 51, or 11.03.500.01) or with fatclients and Citrix workspace-app

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When a user uses the middle mouse button in a browser the normal behaviour is to open a new tab. This works, when we use the citrix workspace-app (latest version) on a fat client. But it doesn’t work on the IGEL. Does anybody have a hint for me, how to configure it, that it also works on the IGEL?

You might need to muck with one of the local config files for the linux client. I’ve not messed with it before but I think you should be able to change the behavior of the middle mouse button in that file. There is also the ability to change the middle mouse functionality via the registry on the IGEL client: According to that link you uncheck the button to use the paste option with the middle mouse button.

hope that helps

Hey Stuart, Thanks for your help. I found the link for changing the middlemouse-button yet and checked it. The button was unchecked.

I’m not so firm with linux / Igel OS. Do you have any idea which files I should adjust or where to find them?

Hi Bianca, just to get you right, the issue stays even if you check (or uncheck) this setting, right?

Hi Sebastian, I checked the profile of my affected user / IGEL again. It struck me that the mousesendscontrolv option was not configured (grayed out), but the checkmark was set for the grayed out option (also grayed out).

I copied the profile, activated the option in the copy, removed the checkmark and set the option back to unconfigured. The old profile has been withdrawn from the IGEL and the modified copy assigned. Now it’s working.

Is it normal, that checkmarks have an efect, even if the option isn’t configured? or do I misunderstand the meaning of the yellow triangle with “x”?

Hi Bianca, if the Triangle is yellow in a profile, that only means that this setting is let by default. Default means: like on an igel factory reset / setting OR like it is set in another profile.

So the yellow triangle and a checkmarked setting just means: if no one else (profile or standard settings made by igel) set this setting, it is set like it‘s shown.

Hope this helps a bit!

Hi Sebastian, many thanks. So I had a big gap there. That’s what happens when you don’t learn the basics, but somehow work with the systems 😂. I’m so glad about IGEL Community. I learn so much here

Hi Bianca, so glad to help! Please feel free to ask if there is anything you are missing 🙂

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