How to configure the option to enable Logoff for a VMware Horizon on IGEL OS?

For my Horizon session, I only get a “Disconnect from server” option. Where do I configure the option to enable Logoff? I am not seeing that option in any of the settings under Horizon Client in UMS.

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Are you talking about the connection bar at the top, or somewhere else?

Yes, where it says File Connection View Help. All Connection items are greyed out. Under File is Disconnect from server

Can you shoot over a screenshot?

It will be in the morning. Just powered off the lab. Sorry

This is what I get.

Is that something I need to handle on the Horizon side on the Connection server?

Ah, in the client itself. That _should_ be controlled by Horizon policy. I forget where

I’ll look. Now that I have Horizon up and going, time to shut it all down, delete it and redo it.

Tell Shane I told him he needs to help you 😛

I left Choice back in September, if that is the Shane you are referencing

Ah it was, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had left, it still says Choice on your profile

So many profiles to keep track of. This profile is now updated.

@member in that screenshot, do you have an application running? The logoff may only appear if you have an app connected and running, and selected there. I think it logs you out of the RDSH / Desktop session, not out of the client. The client can just be closed to “log off”

No, I had only logged into the client/connection server

Try launching an application, then highlighting it in the client selector, then see if logoff is available

Already deleted everything and rebuilding. Only way to learn a new product and technology is to mess it up, learn, wipe, rebuild, apply lessons learned. That is how I get the material for my articles

Gotcha, well when you get it rebuilt then, give it a shot 🙂

will do. BTW, I got all my Slack profiles updated

The one thing I don’t like about slack is how each server is completely different and no settings cross over


Isn’t there a Custom command for? We use it at a customer’s Horizon View environment.

I just finished creating the RDS Pool after destroying everything and rebuilding everything. When creating the VDI Pool, there were options to allow the user to logoff/restart, but I saw no logoff option when creating the RDS Pool.

OK. When you connect to a published desktop, the disconnect and logoff options are available.

Sooner policy must be blocking it. I can do it on my environment :thinking_face:

I had to launch a published desktop to get the other options

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