How to configure USB to Com printer on IGEL OS?

Any users got a usb to com printer working or configured. It passes through but I have been trying to define is to com1 and have not been able to accomplish this like on some of the v10 devices. Using UD2 hardware

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You have to do that with a script on the Windows side

I have done it in the past but their default usb to serial that you get from igel has no driver per say, until you login to the Citrix farm. Not recognized on any machine

Are you redirecting the Adapter via USB Redirection?

Yes it’s usb to com and then using thinprint to set the printer and serial to com.

But is your Native USB Redirection setting redirecting it maybe into the session? Please disable it and retry:

Yeah I have them working on the ud3 lx models but they have a serial foot on them. So it’s a bit different config. And all other wireless and wireless devices that are allowed work.

Have you tried using COM Port Redirection?

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