How to configure VMware’s Integrated Printing feature to connect printers?

Hi Folks,

I want to use a USB connected printer in a “Horizon View” session. I want to do this using VMware’s Integrated Printing feature. Are there any instructions on how to do this?

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Hi! Not an exppert on that topic but

1. please update to 11.04.270 (they are bugfixes on VMWare printing)

2. enable the feature here:

Hello Sebastien,

thank you for the quick reply. I have already done both. Unfortunately without success. If I connect the printer to a Windows PC and connect to the VM via it, the USB printer is displayed in the VM.

Can I check whether the Igel recognises the printer at all?

Here is a great Doc on general Printer mapping (even if Citrix is meant, you could choose RDP instead and test. I would also disable Native USB redirection during testing.

@member sorry, to ask, but I’m willed to learn 😄 , do you have insights how VMware printing is supposed to work?

It’s supposed to work but being a new(ish) feature, we don’t have many feedback on it. But in general it’s the thinprint replacement and should rely on local support of the printer in IGEL OS. The job of Integrated Printing should be to replicate as good as possible the properties of the local printer to remote desktop.

Ok, great! So, I would assume that local Cups ~Printer, Raw / Queue should be fine and the VDI side takes the printer driver~ @member

I would not use the raw queue. I meant we need a printer specific local cups driver for the printer which Integrated printing is using.

Ok, got it, will edit my post!

This is exactly the thing that I still do not understand. How can I install a printer on the Igel connected via USB?

Please check the Doc Arnold, sent above, it covers the CUPs install.

I’ve successfully done it with the new VMWare printing. Its a pain, but I haven’t spent enough time to figure out all the kinks

But basically raw queue on the profile with the same name as the driver. and install the driver on the redirected printer in VMware

I have found on VM reboots it will disconnect the driver, but not sure if this is only in my environment or not. We recently disabled users from printing so I stopped working on it

To my understanding Integrated printing is not involved if you setup a mere raw queue in IGEL OS. Instead you add a local cups printer driver and then integrated printing takes this printer queue and redirects it to the remote desktop.

I think there was never the appropriate driver the UMS profiles for us, so we had to go the raw queue route.

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