How to configure wake-on-LAN with IGEL OS?

Hello, I was wondering if any of you is using wake on lan with UMS/iGel, if so can you please let me know what was the process that you followed and if there are any specifics or features that we can use with UMS to get this done. Thank you!

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hey @member take a look at this article for WOL info.

Hi Carl – I looked at that article and also this

Obviously we have different subnets, etc and I am reading that a proxy TC needs to be deployed on each subnet where TCs are going to WOL? If so, can we deploy virtual iGel VMs, is that an option?

you will need WoL proxies or implent UDP helpers on your core switch

Do the WOL proxies need to be iGel thin clients? If so, can they be virtual iGel TCs?

@member You can use a Igel Clients, third party hardware or a VM using UDC.

You have two possible ways to get WOL Proxies working:

Auto detect: UMS will search for an endpoint in the same network segment and send the WOL Magic Packet through him. Easiest way but not a 100% guarantee since it could be that all devices were shutdown

Define a WOL Proxy: More work, but it will forbid the shutdown process on each WOL Proxy. User cannot shutdown down the WOL Proxy anymore, and you will have a higher guarantee to get devices waked up

Like @member wrote, Switches in your network / branch offices could block the UDP 9 Magic packet, so, please test it 😄

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