How to connect a COM Port device through VMware Horizon View client on IGEL OS?

Hi all, we have a customer who wants to use a Leica IPC (Serial port) on his Dell 5070 (Serial port as well) with OS 11.04.130. He wants to connect it trough COM. Is this possible with Horizon View? Already found the option in the UMS but it’s not the solution. Any idea? Thanks!

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Hi! Which kind of Horizon Protocol are you using?

VMWare Horizon client session (Desktop

PCoIP, Blast or RDP?

Beside the last question, please consider that article too:

Is it working from a Windows PC? Are you using Native USB Redirection? If yes, I would disable it during testing:

Sorry, they are using Blast. I will ask the customer for more information

Hi guys, there’s a newly found issue with Horizon serial port redir. Basically the service is not started at boot time. Should be fixed in upcoming releases. In the meantime: put `systemctl start igel-horizon-ftsprhvd`


_System > Firmware Customization > Custom Commands > Base > Final initialization_

After reboot you should be able to see in the panel of the remote desktop an icon for the redirected ports, where you can configure the port settings (provided the Horizon agent service for serial redir is installed, of course)

Thanks for the update!

Our customer added the rule into the UMS/profile and now it works! So thank you very much! Have a nice day

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