How to connect IGEL UD Pocket with Fortinet client to the UMS over form anywhere?

Hi, i.m not sure this the right channel but i gonna give it a try. I want that the UDP’s can communicate outside the company to the UMS and vice versa via the Fortinet client wich is installed on the UDP’s. I open the ports on the firewall ( see screenshot) in both directions. But somehow the UMS don’t communicate with the UDP ‘s. What am i missing?

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Can you try run the following on a thin client:

probeport UMS_ADDRESS 8443

(replace UMS_ADDRESS with the correct value; you can use the FQHN or the IP address)

Hi Ino, may I just add one or two things to Davids suggestion?

Are you using ICG or just UMS available through VPN?

Also, is there a DNS record added for the UMS as described here: ?

Hi David, That is a quick responce. At this moment i’m not in the occassion to test this right away. give me a day. We are using just UMS and not ICG.

There is no DNS record added.

OK, that is not always a problem, as long as the UMS has a static IP then you can Scan for devices, and afterwards the devices should stay connected to the UMS. However I would highly recommend setting up a DNS record when possible.

Okay, i did the probeport wih FQDN and it was succesfull.The DNS record is added. i can ping from the server where UMS is running to the devices and vise versa. But the UMS still not find the client via VPN. Any ideas?

Is the client registered in the UMS?

Yes, if the client is on the lan every works.

If the client is on the LAN, this means Fortinet is not being used, correct?


It seems to me that the problem here is Fortinet, and it isn’t something which I’m familiar with. Maybe there are other community members who have used Fortinet?

I have a customer with the same scenario, but with the CP Fortinet client works well, and after estabilished the connection, UMS in the datacenter and UDPocket / UDC in the wan communicate correctly.

Dear Giacomo, Fine to hear that it should be working, Do you know wich ports should be open besides the one i noticed.

About ports, I always use this as a reference.

Can you share some screenshot/photo about “ums can’t find UDP via fortinet vpn”? Which error/message exactly do you have?

@member you said that ping and probeport were successful – did you check all the ports or only 8443 ? UMS communication also requires 30001 and 30005.

Also, what happens when you click Scan for devices in the UMS, for clients that are connected via Fortinet?

Okay When i do a probeport on 30001 the connection is succesful but when i do it on port 30005 there is a time out. Wich is strange because both ports are added to de firewalls on the same way. When i scan for devices in the UMS , UMS doesn’t find any devices. i used the IP adres used by the SSL VPN. There is a static route from lan to the SSL VPN network . i can reach internal websites from through the SSL VPN and i can connect to a rdp client from the same machine where the UMS is installed to a Windows machine over SSLVPN. Wich means there is traffic from LAN to a device over SSLVPN. But somehow some traffic is blocked.

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