How to control / assist with Monitor DPI assignment when using IGEL OS to connect to a Citrix System?

Greetings all – Is anybody aware of a method to control / assist with Monitor DPI assignment when using iGel to connect to a Citrix System? I had found this article, but as we read it, it seems to assume that the underlying OS is Windows rather than a Thin OS offering. I found a different article that specifically references the use of RDP by IGEL , but have not specifically found anything related to using Citrix as the broker with iGel OS.

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The reason why I ask is that while we do apply GPO’s within the Windows 10 machine accessed via Citrix, at times the DPI’s we’re applying don’t seem to be applied appropriately or stick long term. As a result of that we think it is possible that the iGel OS and Win10 inside of Citrix are disagreeing.

Hi James. In User Interface / Display / Options / Monitor DPI detection is set to “smart”? you can change the values here and check the results.

How did you configure the monitor itself in User Interface / Display?

Hi Udo – Thanks for responding. I’m glad you pointed out those settings, as I have not done anything with either one in a profile. They are at the defaults and aren’t changed in any way.

What are the recommended settings for these? I could see enabling the Smart detection setting for Monitor DPI, but I’d be hesitant to force a screen resolution globally or even per group in User.

so normally I configure the maximum number of monitors in display, set it to autodetect regarding resolution and (under advanced) to the port (dvi, dp etc.)

I leave the DPI to smart and above that provide the user access to our tool “Display Switch” (under Accessories). Under options activate the first three options.

the user then can configure his combination of monitors (incl. pivot, resolution, left monitor right and vice versa) on his own and not gonna disturb you with any special setup.

This also reduces the number of monitor profiles.

Be aware that with more than 2 monitors the autodetect of resolution is no available, so you have to set it fix for each monitor.

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