How to control the Volume of Teams / Zoom in a Citrix Session

The volume for our teams/zoom calls in Citrix can only be controlled by the IGEL volume bar (not the Citrix bar). Is there a way to resolve this. We are on the latest firmware and have zoom/teams vdi redirection configured.

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Please check the ucc guide,

on page 15: audioredrectionv4

interesting. I configured this audioredrectionv4 and it changed the sound from ‘citrix sound’ to the native device which is interesting. Teams and zoom though dont seem to be affected by the volume within citrix. They are still only affected by changing the IGEL volume

i guess the real question is how do we get the citrix volume to be the same as the igel volume so that when it’s changed in citrix it’s also reflected in igel

That‘s what this key is partially about. Could you open the soundmanager on Windows side and send us a screenshot of the output devices?

the volume modified by citrix does not modify the igel volume

That’s the behaviour I experience as well:

1. With audioredrectionv4 enabled, the VDI session sees the near “native” device name as seen on the IGEL. Otherwise it sees the “Citrix HDX Audio” version only

2. Windows VDI sounds levels impact all sound levels within the VDI except the following:

3. Optimized applications such as MSTeams, which in terms of volume settings, only honor the settings of the IGEL Volume settings.

EDIT: changed to “as seen on the IGEL”

One limitation with Optimized MSTeams in a VDI: Optimized Teams does not expose “In-App” volume controls sliders, while Teams on regular Windows workstation does expose those volume control siders.

I’m guessing that overcoming this limitation would require both MS (teams) & Citrix (teams engine on endpoint) engagement?

Our users are instructed to use the headset volume controls.

Maybe I overlooked something, but I think the above is still the case today.

Not ideal, but I posted a “hotkey with visual feedback” workaround here:

thank you for the detailed information. I believe we will do the same suggestion with the headset/speaker controls

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