How to convert a MS Surface Pro device to IGEL OS?

Hi all, strange question (hopefully in the right place) – has anyone had any experience of converting a MS Surface Pro?

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Hi Amardeep, they are a few threads regarding Surface like this one:



And the question isn‘t strange at all! #igel-hardware would fit a bit better but let‘s stay here.

@member had some Surface experience if I remember right.

I converted my Surface 4 Pro. There’s a video on YouTube about installing Ubuntu on it. Out of box the touch isn’t working but the video shows how to get it working.

Hi Udo,

I have a customer who has the touch screen working out of the box but cannot get the keyboard to be recognised, did you have any issues with this?

Hm nope, that worked, but it was a quick test so perhaps some keys aren’t. Is the keyboard not working at all?

unfortunately not, the only option the customer has at the moment is using a virtual touchscreen keyboard – also currently struggling to connect to a network (this may be in line with some of the LTE modem bits ive read).

This may help for further reference on this subject:

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