How to convert IGEL UD2 license to UDConverter license?

Hey, do you know if we can “convert” the Igel UD2 license to UDConverter license?

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Hi Daniel, are you speaking about a UDC2 or UD2 WE OS11 license? On OS10, no.

I mean the license with the thinclient, we want to switch them by laptops and I would like to know if we can switch the thinclient license to the laptop

Are you running OS10 or OS11?


Then on OS10, unfortunately, no. On OS11, you can move the licenses between the endpoints in your ILP.

But I suppose I can upgrade os10 devices

If the HW is capable running OS11 normally yes. And using the Trade-up program you save some money as well.

If your licenses fit in that programm:

maybe I have not explained right, when I bought UD3 thinclient it came with OS license. Now, I waant to replace that device with a laptop with OS11. Is possible to use that thinclient OS license into a Laptop?

As soon as this license was “converted to WE” (OS11) and has a valid maintenance: yes.


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