How to create a custom command at first logoff and then shutdown of IGEL OS?

Hi I would like to create a custom post session (Citrix StoreFront/XenApp web portal) command I am only able to do one command but I want to do 2 commands first logoff and then shutdown. The reason is, the session stays active after logging off in the Citrix session, if I am going to do a firmware update on shutdown. The users stays logged in while downloading the firmware so they cannot leave the machine unprotected.

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Hi, you could try command1 & command2


command1 && command2 if command1 needs to be successful

Hi thanks for your reply, your answer does not work 😞 i’ve tried “Logoff && Shutdown”, “Logoff && Shutdown terminal” and “Logoff && Shutdown/suspend (system default action without dialog)”

wait… Then we are not speaking about the same thing… You have to go to:

Enter custom command here and enter the linux commands you need.

I would assume something like that:

/config/sessions/pnlogoff0 && sleep 1 && user_shutdown

You should debug it in a local terminal window first: Accessories=>Terminal

I keep getting te following message in the log file Mar 21 15:19:18 TEST autologoff-bin[8477]: bash: /config/sessions/pnlogoff0 -l: No such file or directory

if I type it manualy into the terminal it works. :S

can you try

/bin/sh /config/sessions/pnlogoff0


You could do the custom post session command to:

/usr/bin/pnlogoff -f; update

For instance. If that doesn’t work try:

su -c “/usr/bin/pnlogoff -f; update” user

(depending on what context is used)

Thanks for the reply’s the result has become ‘/usr/bin/pnlogoff -f && user_shutdown’ thanks! 😄

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