How to create a IGEL OS 11 lockdown desktop?

Hi all, I am having a customer who create a hard coded IGEL OS10 Profile to lockdown desktop. Now he migrate to IGEL OS11 and he is searching to replicate it, but without success because many features are missing in OS11. Attached the 10 profile. Can you help?

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Hi Giacomo, what are you missing exactly?

Ciao Giacomo! I’m on the road, but as an example, what is missing?

customer wants the new OS11, to only connect to the storefront login web page, with every other settings and features disabled.

And the Appliance mode like profileset posted here isn‘t an alternative?

That covers more or less exactly what they need (I guess)?

So, I am assuming the option they are looking for is the Citrix appliance mode? If so, there are a couple of ways you can still get similar functionality.

You can try the storefront appliance mode, you can setup the browser in appliance mode, or you can configure AD authentication with pass-through authentication to Citrix to get a similar result.

Hi Christopher, we are currently using the browser as a work around since Citrix XenDesktop was removed from Appliance mode in OS 11. The work around is quite clunky, what would the method be using Storefront – Appliance mode, testing so far has been unsuccessful using this method.

Hey @member it depends on the exact workflow you are trying to achieve, you could try the Citrix Self-Service appliance mode, or enable AD Authentication with pass through authentication to the Citrix Workspace App

Thanks for the reply! workflow(same as previous) would be: IGEL presents login page(this pass/logins to the storefront), once logged in you can select your desktop.

I would look at the active directory authentication with pass through to workspace then

It would present the user with a desktop where the desktop icons would appear

If you don’t want a desktop, then Self-Service would be the option you want, but it would more similar to what you get in the browser, just a bit more locked down

with the self-service method, when a user logs into the igel, does that igel become locked to that desktop?

*Our current environment is hotdesking with the igels

I am not sure what you mean? Do you mean users switch between active VDI desktops on the same device?


Then you probably want to do the non-appliance mode version. If the user may switch the desktop they are using without logging out and back in, then you will probably want to do the standard AD authentication to a desktop and present them with all the desktops and allow exit of full-screen mode.

Logging out and back in is not a problem. i think i need to do some reading up on the Citrix Self-service, thanks for your time.

No problem, I hope it helped.

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