How to create a IGEL UMS Profile to configure 2 monitors to display expanded (not mirrored)

Hi all, We have a mixture of dual and single screen setups. Is there a way to have a policy so 2nd screens are automatically detected and display is expanded (not mirrored) to the 2nd screen. With the default settings second screens are detected but they are mirrored and they need to be manually switched to extended display using the Display Switch app.

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Hi Andre. I recommend to create a “Multimonitor” profile and configure the max. number of screens (go for autodetect regarding resolution)

and also activate multimonitor support in the session setting for Citrix / vmware /RDP.

Assign this profile to all clients – the one with only one screen don’t matter with this profile and the clients with 2 screens are happy 🙂

In addition I recommend to provide users access to the tool “Display Switch” where they can adjust their settings how they like and you don’t have to go for various profiles:

Great, I will give that a go.

Thanks for your support

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