How to create a large amount of new IGEL OS devices in UMS using PowerShell?

Just recently found the powershell modules and am looking to create a large amount of new devices in ums, but keep running into an error message

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Command: New-UMSDevice -ComputerName ‘umsserver’ -WebSession $WebSession -Mac ‘111111111111’ -FirmwareId 2


WARNING: Bad Request: The request does not match the API, e.g. it uses the wrong HTTP method. Uri: umsserver:8443/umsapi/v3/thinclients

Method: Put

I’ve attempted to cycle through the security protocols in the command, but i’m sure we’re using tls1.2.

has anyone run into this issue or can point me in the right direction?

Hi, I am the maintainer of the PSIGEL PowerShell module. The error message means, that you have done a valid request (for a valid endpoint), but the API is not able to perform it. In this case (your example) I would guess, that you created that device succesfully one time, then deleted it in the UMS console (where it still is in the Recycle Bin) and now you want to create it again, but the MAC (Unit-ID) is already used (with the device in the recycle bin).

btw , i am presenting PSIGEL next week here:

there also will be examples regarding creation of devices.

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