How to create a profile to connect to an 802.11x on IGEL W10?

Working on creating a profile to connect to an 802.11x on W10. On Linux I’m able to specify the username and password to connect, but it does not appear that I’m able to on Windows 10. Any ideas?

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Do you mean a Windows Logon name or a completely different?

On first one:



I mean a completely different one. Our wifi is 802.11x, but unfortunately does not use Windows authentication — it uses a different username and password. I also don’t have control to change the wifi — our corporate office controls it.

Well, I can‘t find the needed setting for that either… Is it something you could deploy by using a registry file (as an example)? If yes, we should be able to implement it in a future firmware version (you would need to open a ticket and ask for a feature request).

If needed quickly, you could go for the UCB (, license can be arranged cost free by your igel Sales rep.

Ok. I would assume there’s a way to do it as a registry file. I’ll find out for sure and put in that ticket.

Unfortunately, I did not find a way to change this setting in the registry. I did find a workaround, though. I disabled all the iGel wireless config settings, then disabled UWF. I set up the network manually, then enabled UWF again. Not the best solution, but it will work for this project. Thanks!

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