How to create a reboot and shutdown button in the taskbar in IGEL OS

Can I create a reboot and shutdown button in the taskbar (ea. next to the clock)? I don’t want to use the start menu option. I tried some things but don’t see it appear.

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You mean like this? (image shown in the IGEL Community on Slack)


Hah, good one. Tried a lot but overlooked that one. Thanks (again).

And…..removing the start menu button? Is that also pissible. I tried User Interdace -> Desktop -> Start Menu but cannot find the option.

You mean the icon or the whole StartMenu itself?

Yes, We use only desktop icons and now with the other buttons on the taskbar I don’t need to present an empty start menu to the users

I don’t think there is a way today to disable. I just did a search through the registry settings and couldn’t find a way to disable it

You could try the following: (image shown in the IGEL Community on Slack)

Thanks, a little step closer; the start menu doesn’t pop up anymaore but the button still is. Any suggestions how to remove this?

The button, will stay, the only thing you could try is: replacing the current Startmenu icon by a transparent one:

Thanks, will try that. Do you know where on the device the start menu picture is stored? I can download that one and change it

/usr/share/icons/IGEL-Dark/panel/scalable/igel-startmenu.svg should be startmenu icon.

Found it and fixed my question with the firmware customization way. Mabye something for the future request to have the option for removing the start button?

I will ask!

Your the best!

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